Trill A.I. joins speed dating event to secure investment capital
and accelerate customer base at BattleFin Discovery Day

Durham, N.C.’s leading artificial intelligence, fintech disruptor
heads to California to strike gold with customers and investors

RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 18, 2017 – Trill A.I., a technology company whose insights empower financial asset managers to make better investment decisions through artificial intelligence, has secured a seat at BattleFin’s Discovery Day on Thursday, Oct. 26 in Palo Alto, Calif. The event gives Trill A.I. the opportunity to compete for venture capital investments and accelerate growth of the company’s customer base.

Over the course of 15 one-on-one meetings, Trill A.I. will get a front-row seat with clients looking to improve their performance, and those looking to invest in artificial intelligence solutions. Over the next five years, these solutions will transform the way the asset-management industry operates.

The Discovery Day event has been compared to speed dating for data scientists, fund managers and venture capitalists. This event is a chance for Trill A.I. to showcase the power and insights derived from its technology, along with the results that can be achieved for financial asset managers to make smarter, more effective investment allocations with deep learning and artificial intelligence.

The majority of asset managers have yet to prioritize implementing artificial intelligence toward their future fund management process. But clients of Trill A.I. have already tapped into the technology’s capabilities and are using it to improve productivity and overall fund performance for their own client base.

“The Research Triangle Park is quickly becoming the Silicon Valley of the east coast,” said Akash Ganapathi, CEO and co-founder of Trill A.I. “We are excited to represent RTP’s entrepreneurial technology community and its emerging leadership in disruptive technology during BattleFin’s Discovery Day.”

While others are just now realizing the opportunity within deep learning, Trill A.I. has already implemented the latest technology, creating a customizable platform for financial institutions to leverage artificial intelligence in their existing processes. By harnessing the expansive power of modern distributed computing and modular applications of deep learning techniques, Trill A.I. is helping improve financial analysis and augmenting decision making for financial asset managers. Trill A.I. is based in Durham, N.C. For more information, visit