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Natural language processing (NLP) is an extension of artificial intelligence, creating a way for computers to analyze, decipher and manipulate human language through both speech and written form.

Whether it’s analyzing simple keyword searches or complex statistical sentiment analysis, the goal of NLP is to bridge the gap between computer systems and the human language.

How Trill A.I. puts natural language processing to work

Investors, researchers and financial advisors need an intuitive resource to process the high volumes of positive and negative statements continuously generated by news media and social networks. By leveraging all elements of sentiment analysis, the financial sector can more effectively evaluate the market with greater insights and faster decision making.

Trill A.I. is leveraging NLP to identify sentiment across news sources and social networks on virtually any and every topic. Our objective is to calculate the weight and value of public opinion in real time and convert those insights into more effective trading and investment signals.

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“You are definitely ahead with respect to deep learning.”

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