Data you can trust

With our APIs, you will gain immediate access to our data from within your own environment. We do the heavy lifting to host, update, clean and process the information you need to make smarter financial recommendations.

Your capabilities and performance should not be bound by limited data.


Augment processes, scale expertise

That is where Trill steps in. We believe the most effective AI technology is not automated but rather augmented intelligence — one that interacts with and learns from your expert opinions. With Trill, you’ll have a machine working for you quietly learning from your normal workflow, and helping generate powerful results.

Our powerful natural language and sentiment processing technology makes it possible to analyze and garner value from the one element of data previously unattainable — qualitative data. You no longer have to be limited by quantitative data alone or worry about critical qualitative information slipping through the cracks.

Smarter insights, faster assessments

By expediting the consumption and analysis of millions of unstructured data points, Trill puts artificial intelligence to work, automatically identifying and summarizing relevant information by topic, while integrating your own domain expertise. Trill uses qualitative and quantitative data to provide accurate market insights, but those insights are enhanced when combined with your own recommendations and experience.

It’s time to think differently about machines. By combining your expertise over time with our learning systems, you can teach technology to learn on the job and become smarter as you work.


More reliable, powerful and accurate forecasts with less bias

That’s why portfolio managers and research analysts turn to us. To multiply their competitive advantage by projecting future cash flow, earnings, revenue and prices of public equities. With Trill, you’ll be able to provide feedback and influence the decision-making process behind our machine learning models.

More than just financial projections.

It is also about accuracy and relative performance to the industry and to the market. With reliable, financial forecasts at your fingertips, you can identify undervalued and overvalued companies faster than before and with greater conviction and timing.

Whether you are a fundamental analyst forecasting future company earnings, a portfolio manager working to balance an entire basket of holdings, or a quantitative researcher looking for efficient fundamental factors, you can confidently find the answers you need with Trill.


Why didn’t I prioritize this sooner?

(It’s the #1 thing we hear from people once they’ve added Trill A.I. to their process.)

“You are definitely ahead with respect to deep learning.”

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