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You call the shots. We deliver the results.

Greater investment success. Decreased risk.

Here’s what makes the Trill A.I. platform tick:
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Unstructured data mining.

At Trill A.I., we believe fundamental data from a variety of data sources is the core of a sound investment analysis — and are also able to integrate alternative and proprietary data feeds.

Augmented analysis.

Our focus is on leveraging statistical learning theory to identify subtle, non-linear dependencies and help integrate the output into your ideal process.

Deep learning.

The Trill A.I. platform utilizes the latest deep learning techniques and cloud computing architectures for you, and handles all data mining, storage, optimization and automation to allow you do your job faster and smarter.

Why didn’t I prioritize this sooner?

(It’s the #1 thing we hear from people once they’ve added Trill A.I. to their process.)


“You are definitely ahead with respect to deep learning.”

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