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Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, focused specifically on analyzing large volumes of complex, raw data. Unlike machine learning, where data is heavily manipulated by people, deep learning analyzes massive volumes of raw data with less bias and greater accuracy.

Classical machine learning techniques are well-equipped to analyze statistical problems that are well defined and have limited data to analyze.

But what happens with the volume of data is greater than what classical machine learning techniques are trained to process?

That’s where deep techniques come into play.

Designed to scale for massive volumes of data, deep learning techniques are especially useful when complex analysis is required. The value behind deep learning is that, with enough data, these techniques can develop an intuition and improved performance, allowing the technology to operate with minimal human interference.

Since 2010, deep learning has become the state-of-the-art machine learning technology of choice for companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. But deep learning is not just for tech-giants. Leaders within every industry are deploying deep learning techniques for smarter decision making, greater personalization, and more accurate image and speech recognition.

How Trill A.I. puts deep learning to work

Trill A.I. uses deep learning techniques to recommend quantitative, forward-looking market projections that analyze businesses in terms of future earnings, revenues, costs, and cash flows. We also provide sector and asset allocations.

But our deep learning techniques offer more than sophisticated analysis. Our systems are able to adapt in real-time to fund constraints and comfortably integrate into any investment process. And with every output and analysis generated, our deep learning algorithms provide users with clear justifications and explanations. That level of analysis, which is critical for most fund managers, offers an added layer of confidence.

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Why didn’t I prioritize this sooner?

(It’s the #1 thing we hear from people once they’ve added Trill A.I. to their process.)

“You are definitely ahead with respect to deep learning.”

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