At Trill A.I., our mission is to have artificial intelligence technology working for as many people’s investments as possible.

We harness the expansive power of artificial intelligence through constrained applications of deep learning techniques to improve exacting data analysis and augment decision making in financial asset management.

Why A.I.?

The industry is shifting.

Your customers expect the newest technology and greatest performance.

Billions of gigabytes of data are created every day.

It’s more than any team can possibly analyze in a timely way without AI assistance.

Increasing performance while reducing costs is imperative.

Yet it’s also (nearly) impossible given the exponential growth of data and increasing market efficiency.

Rules-based financial models can only take your team so far.

No matter how sophisticated the spreadsheet is, it cannot match the power of A.I.

An untapped potential exists in your data for you and your clients. Trill A.I. is the key you need to leverage deep learning and deliver the highest-performing results.

Trill A.I.: Your partners in innovation.

You’re great at what you do. We’re here to make you even better.

Founder’s Story

Akash has been internationally recognized for his achievements in mathematics and computer science, and is the creative force and vision behind Trill A.I.

Since graduating from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and throughout his career at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Akash had a vision to positively impact consumers by optimally applying artificial intelligence.

His mission to make A.I. the status quo in financial asset management solidified as he found success trading algorithmically in the foreign currencies market. It was during this time that the foundation was built for Trill A.I. as he traveled to learn from top industry minds about current processes and limitations, and developed Trill’s initial data mining and machine learning software from scratch.

Akash now leads a team of experienced and proven professionals who are dedicated to advancing A.I. for the future of asset management.

Industry Expertise

Trill Advisor Eric Freedman

Eric Freedman

Chief Investment Officer, US Bank


  • 15 + years of world-class asset management experience
  • Former CIO: Captrust; VP: Goldman Sachs; MBA: Wharton
Trill Advisor Tom Looney

Thomas Looney

Former GM, Lenovo North America


  • 40+ years of technology business experience
  • Grew Lenovo North America’s commercial business from inception
Trill Advisor Kevin Adams

Kevin Adams

SVP Wealth Management Technology, Raymond James


  • 25+ years of specialization in wealth and asset management technologies
  • Acclaimed tech strategist and innovator for financial companies

Trill A.I. puts the artificial intelligence on your side