Take Your Investments to New Heights

With Trill A.I., financial advisors, portfolio managers and research analysts have more access to information, can design smarter investment strategies and can confidently deliver the most statistically accurate financial forecast.

Find out how Trill A.I. is revolutionizing financial markets

“You have done all the heavy lifting.”

Top 10 Asset Manager by AUM

Exponentially more valuable than a black box.

Machine learning + human justification = actionable results that keep you comfortably in the driver’s seat.

At Trill A.I., we approach A.I. in the investment industry differently:

You get the what and the why.

Trill A.I. models are built to analyze the data you care about, from fundamentals to sentiment, free of bias and error. Not only will you save time on grueling fundamental analysis, but you’ll be armed with justifications that give you access to even higher-level decision making.

We give life – and reason – to machine learning.

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Trill A.I. icon

With your input, we make it entirely yours.

We customize our out-of-the-box analytics to be tailored to your specific investment style and portfolio requirements. While other solutions only offer rigid, unchangeable analytics or leave the data-mining process to their users, you’ll be fully in control of your process and results.

We believe artificial doesn’t have to mean impersonal.

Together, we’ll disrupt without destruction.

The Trill A.I. solution is built to layer on top of your current process…with none of the overhead.

We’ll get you up and running, intuitively building AI financial models tailored to your process, with all data mining, storage, optimization, and automation handled for you.

We like to call it painless disruption.

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Better decisions made. In less time. On your terms.

Some might call you a renegade. Your clients will call you a hero.

Great results are powered by great minds.

The Trill A.I. team is made up of great minds in A.I., fintech, and business who believe artificial intelligence will revolutionize human efforts in predictive data analysis, giving portfolio managers superior information to deliver alpha and the unique competitive edge to continuously overdeliver.

A.I. isn’t the future. It’s the present.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to find out what you could be achieving today.